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Home Support for Senior Adults with Hearing Impairment

Many senior adults feel a sense of loss when they can’t enjoy having a proper conversation with their family and friends due to age-related hearing impairment. Sadly, some of them become withdrawn and isolate themselves. As family members, it’s essential that you become considerate toward your senior loved one as they are still part of … Continue reading

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Injured Senior Adults Need Home Support

An accidental fall from the stairs or a slip from the bathroom floor at home can already cause a physical injury to senior adults since their body is more fragile than those of younger adults. Such incidents can result in mobility impairment that can affect their quality of life since moving a lot will cause … Continue reading

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Promote a Sense of Purpose for Senior Adults

Senior adults may retire in the comforts of their home to enjoy the fruits of their labor. However, that doesn’t always mean they will stop wanting to have a sense of purpose in life. According to the experts in our non-medical home healthcare agency, if your senior family member feels that the world doesn’t need … Continue reading

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Home-Alone Senior Adults Need Social Interaction

Because most senior adults can no longer drive their cars to travel, they are likely to spend a lot of time at home. By doing so, social interaction becomes less and less over time. The closest thing to socializing for them may probably be when they bump into someone they know while shopping for groceries. … Continue reading

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Activities of Daily Living – What Matters Every Day

When the time comes that you or your loved ones can no longer perform activities of daily living or face challenges in completing the daily occupations in life due to old age or illness, prompt help and support from our home care services in Brookfield, Connecticut is a smart choice. Due to the effects of … Continue reading

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