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What You Can Do for Seniors Who Refuse Your Help


You know they need care. But the problem is; they are positive they are capable of taking care of themselves.

This is one of the hardest scenarios we have constantly witnessed as a provider of Home Health Care Services in Connecticut. If you are experiencing such problem, you do not have to worry. Total Assurance Home Healthcare has your back as we list tips you can do to help seniors who refuse assistance:

  • Encourage your senior to plan early
    When there are opportunities, ask them if they want to hire a housekeeper to help them maintain the house or a driver who can drive them wherever they want to be. That way, they can adjust to an assisted life especially when they need it badly.

  • Do not lose your temper
    Older people who are confident they can handle living alone find it hard to accept the reality that they need care. That is why when you suggest home care; do not expect them to answer right away.

  • Investigate further
    There are a number of reasons why seniors hate to have somebody else taking care of them in their own house. It may be because they do not want to sacrifice their privacy or they simply do not want strangers in their house. Once you probe deeper, you can look for ways to meet their needs while respecting their decisions.

  • Give them a choice
    If it is possible, let the older adults decide for their care and/or their caregiver. Let them be with you when you interview prospective caregivers. Allow them to choose the non-medical home health care agency in Bethel, Connecticut they are comfortable with.

  • Prioritize the problem
    While there are a lot of sweet options for your loved ones, you have to prioritize which service they need more. You can make lists of the circumstances your senior is in. After, go over the services your providers of care have for you.

  • Keep away from direct approaches
    What would you feel if you are a vulnerable older adult and you are suddenly bombarded with the details you will get once you sign in to a specific type of care option? Wouldn’t you feel like a customer who is being pestered by sales agents on the way to the shop?

  • Avoid rushing the changes
    When you already have a caregiver who can care for your senior, you should not immediately rush everything. Let both the patient and the caregiver adjust to each other’s presence. Be with the two during the first minutes or hours.

Sometimes, the most effective way to show that we love the elderly members of our family is to recognize our limits. As long as they are out of harm’s way then they will just be fine. Help them make a sound decision.

How did you approach your senior regarding their needs for assistance especially respite services in Danbury, Connecticut?

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