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Responding Right to an Elder Who Refuses Care Service


Does your elderly loved one reject all the efforts of home care? Does the idea of it only annoy them?

If you still find the care service to be the best solution for your elder’s condition, determine the right responses to their refusal. Choose to respond these ways:

  • Listen with Intent.
    Rather than picking a fight, listen to your elder’s side of the story. Consider their reasons for not wanting to receive home care. Before insisting that they succumb to it, give their voice right to be heard and valued. When your elder sees that you are listening with empathy and willingness, the next that can likely happen is them giving in to your option of turning to home care.
  • Trace Roots.
    Trace the possible roots of your elder’s refusal. Determine the motivation behind their behavior. Are there any signs of fear? Are there strong apprehensions about the service? Is there an issue of trust? Does your elder want to assert independence? Can you trace any marks of depression? You can better understand your elder by first tracing the root of their firm refusal. This also helps you better tailor fitting solutions.
  • Take Things Slowly.
    Slowly reveal to your elder the benefits and intentions of a home care. Talk to them about it the right way, with the right tone and timing. From time-to-time, have them experience a taste of it at home. As you or any other family member delivers care and assistance, relate your heartfelt service to the importance of hiring a professional aide.
  • Paint a Clear Picture.
    Paint a clear picture of a quality home care. Enable your elder to visualize the advantageous scenarios they can be in upon surrendering to the care. It’s hard for them to concede to the idea of home care without picturing clearly the great things that can happen to them.
  • Slowly Introduce an Aide.
    To avoid threatening your elder, have them meet up with a health aide first for several occasions. Aim to bridge their gap and have them establish a relationship that builds trust, comfortability and accountability. It’s important that before delivering care, your elder becomes comfortable with the aide’s presence. Slowly introducing the aide to your elder causes them to start falling in love with the idea of home care.
  • Assure Them When They Have Uncertainties.
    Whatever it is that your elder seems to be uncertain about, give them the appropriate and realistic assurance. If they worry you aren’t going to be around as often, assure your elder that they are always going to have your back for as long as you can. Don’t just give promises in the wind. Walk your talk.

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