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What Is Lifestyle Medicine and How It Benefits the Elderly


Lifestyle medicine has become one of the prominent concepts in the industry today for a lot of reasons. Across the country and around the world, this is now used in leading hospitals and facilities providing home care services in Brookfield, Connecticut.

What Is It?
In a gist, this branch of medicine focuses on the research, treatment, and prevention of health conditions that are due to lifestyle factors. This looks into the lifestyle of individuals and looks into the important factors that contribute to declining health, such as chronic stress, sedentary lifestyle, and poor nutrition.

How Can It Benefit the Elderly?
If you’re taking care of an elderly at home, availing of home healthcare services in Connecticut based on lifestyle medicine is a great idea. Why? A care plan based on this concept is designed to promote the overall wellness of your elderly loved one. Specifically, it will cover the following aspects:

  • Physical needs
    medications, supplements, comfortable home environment, light exercise routines
  • Social needs
    physical activities with a group, suggestions on get-together activities with elderly people
  • Emotional needs
    counseling on how to manage stress, guidance on how to maintain a positive mindset, sessions on meditation

In the long run, lifestyle medicine is designed to have a long-term impact on the overall wellness of people. Aside from helping seniors cope with their declining health, this field of medicine also helps them see old age as a gift to be enjoyed.

Are you now looking for a provider of this care plan? If you are, you can rely on Total Assurance Home Healthcare, a non-medical home healthcare agency that can give you support when taking care of elderly people. The company has a team of professional geriatric care experts who can partner with your doctor and carry out your preferred care plan for your loved ones.

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