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Things to Consider for Safer Medication

Things to Consider for Safer Medication

With the help of a variety of non-medical home healthcare agency, individuals have become more conscious of the medicines they take. This helps them make better decisions that may affect their health. Medicines include those prescribed by your doctor, as well as over-the-counter medicines, complementary medicines, vitamins, herbal remedies, and other supplements.

However, it is also important that you talk to your doctor, physician, or health care provider about certain factors that may influence the medicines that you are about to take. This is necessary so they can recommend or prescribe the best choice of medication for you.

Here are several information you should always share with your healthcare provider for safer medication:

  • If you are currently taking any other medications or dietary supplements, such as herbal preparations, vitamins, and minerals. Eye drops must be included in your list. Some skin lotions also contain medicines.
  • If you are allergic to a certain medications or have had an unusual reaction to any medication, food, or other substance.
  • If you are pregnant, think you might be pregnant, or plan to become pregnant.
  • If you are breastfeeding
  • If you have other medical problems other than the one(s) you are being prescribed.

Home Healthcare Services in Connecticut can help you identify the important information you should discuss for proper medication prescription. We can accompany you during your doctor’s appointments to ensure that you don’t miss any essential detail.

If you are in need of assistance for other care needs which you or your loved ones might require, Total Assurance Home Healthcare, a provider of home care services in Brookfield, Connecticut can help you. Feel free to reach us for more information.

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