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Injured Senior Adults Need Home Support

Injured Senior Adults Need Home Support

An accidental fall from the stairs or a slip from the bathroom floor at home can already cause a physical injury to senior adults since their body is more fragile than those of younger adults. Such incidents can result in mobility impairment that can affect their quality of life since moving a lot will cause discomfort or pain.

If your senior family member loved one results in temporary mobility impairment, you don’t expect them to continue with their usual activities at home like cooking, bathing, and cleaning. They need to rest and got through physical therapy to get better. A family member or someone from home care services in Brookfield, Connecticut needs to be there to support and assist them.

Taking part in caring for your senior loved one can give you a sense of fulfillment. It’s also a way for you to give back. However, don’t forget to take regular breaks so you won’t get burned out. You may take turns with other family members or seek help from a non-medical home healthcare agency.

For your senior family member to recover fully from their physical injury, you need to let them get enough rest and eat healthy foods. When you help them stay healthy, their body can regenerate healthy cells that can aid their recovery.

You need to provide your senior loved one with a mobility aid. That way, they can get around the house if they need to and still enjoy light activities. Lastly, allowing them to see a physical therapist may help them restore their balance and flexibility.

There should be constant supervision at home to make sure that your senior family member doesn’t fall or trip while getting around the house. Should you need someone to supervise your loved one, our home healthcare services in Connecticut are available.

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