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Top 5 Challenges of Independent Living and How Home Health Care Responds


What is independent living? Simply put, it’s a living arrangement especially allotted for seniors who are still able to handle things on their own but are already uninterested in performing chores in their own homes. They will want to live in an environment where some form of assistance is given but still they are in the community where their home is.

But living independently in these types of environments may be limited or difficult for seniors who are facing the following challenges:

  1. Health issues 
    The reality of advancing years comes with health challenges, whether physically or mentally. This can be especially heightened when it’s the spouse who gets sick and the other senior will have to give care. When illness sets in, living independently may be difficult to achieve. But a sick senior person who is just at home, surrounded by immediate family members, can be efficiently cared for by providers of home healthcare services in Connecticut.
  2. Financial difficulties 
    Living independently will also lead to financial challenges. The monthly rentals for where the senior is staying is just one of the regular obligation. When they’re at home, there’s no more need for rental payments. The budget can instead be allotted to other personal care needs, such as medications, travels, or food.
  3. Change of environment 
    Some seniors prefer to stay in an independent living community because of the amenities or environment. But these amenities may not end up exactly fitting to their home-like preferences. When they’re at home, the familiarity of environment can be their source of comfort and peace of mind.
  4. Loss of social connections 
    One of the perks of independent living is being with fellow seniors who are their friends and peers. The presence of social contacts is vital for a senior person’s well-being. However, when their friends pass on, or get sick and will need to be moved elsewhere, this loss of contact can be depressing. When you’re at home, you can choose to visit your friends with a travel companion, or learn how to use social media to keep in touch.
  5. Personal limitations 
    The independent living is especially difficult when the senior person’s mobility is limited. They can’t move to the bathroom on their own. They can’t visit their doctor all by themselves. They can’t cook without assistance. These limitations can be assisted by homemakers from a non-medical home healthcare agency in Bethel, Connecticut.

When your senior loved one talks to you about the possibility of living independently on their own, encourage them to make an informed decision. Share with them this post so they will know what they can expect. After all, their living conditions of choice can always help boost their emotional well-being.

At Total Assurance Home Healthcare, we will always be here to provide the personal and healthcare needs of your loved ones in the comfort of their own homes. Set an appointment with us today to know how our services can meet the needs of your senior loved ones at home.

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