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6 Awesome Ways to Improve Senior Citizens’ Home Stay


As you grow older, it is highly recommended just to stay at home. While inside your respective abodes, you can enjoy privacy and convenience. You are the master of your domain and you can do anything that you please. However, due to the many changes occurring in a senior citizen’s body, homestay (especially when living alone), can still be subject to certain dangers.

Do you have senior relatives managing their lives and homes by themselves? Though they would want independence, it is best if we provide support in any way that we can. As for their homestay, there are countless of hacks and methods to make life more worthwhile for them. Here are the six top recommendations to do so:

  1. Install safety devices.
    In long hallways and bathrooms, it is highly suggested to install handrails to assist them in moving from one place to another. Also, keep floors slip-proof by installing rubber mats and making them wear appropriate slippers. Leaving medical alert devices is also a good idea.
  2. Supply nutritious foods.

    Fill their pantry with supplies that will fit their dietary needs. When bringing in the supplies, make sure that the same kinds are properly stored to avoid premature spoilage which can lead to food poisoning.

    Every now and then, inspect their kitchen. They may be filling their cabinets with junk food and other prohibited items that can endanger their health.

  3. Keep up with their medication requirements.
    Take note of their prescription medicines and never skip even a single pill. It is wise to get auto-refill services from trusted pharmacies so that the chances of missing medicines are slimmer.
  4. Orient them on how to react to an emergency.
    As human intelligence expands, more and more ways are developed to curb fatalities during contingencies. Train your seniors how to do basic first aid techniques. Give them a comprehensive list of emergency numbers (e.g. ambulance, police department, fire department, etc.). Teach them about speed dials too.
  5. Visit them regularly.
    At their age, many baby boomers suffer depression. The main contributor to this condition is the fact that they are living alone and they have no one to interact with. As much as possible, make time for them. Visiting them every weekend can already make a lot of difference.
  6. Hiring an in-home caregiver.
    Caregivers are perfect substitutes if you yourself cannot personally attend to the needs of your loved ones. While prospective caregivers are everywhere, be very meticulous in choosing the “one.”

No other provider of Home Healthcare Services in Connecticut delivers you peace of mind more than we do! We are confident that our fully trained and approachable staff members have the necessary skills to make any senior citizen relaxed and safe within the borders of their own home.

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